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1. How do I place an order?

TRIPLEBOND accepts orders placed via our website, email or phone. There is no need for registration. To place an order, a purchase order is preferred, which includes a purchase order number (if applicable), shipping and billing addresses and method of shipment preferred. If you don’t have a PO, you can still place an order. An email or phone call with billing and shipping information will also be counted.

2. Is the price US or Canadian dollars?

Prices on our website are in US dollars.

3. What form of payment do you accept?

 We accept purchase orders from most companies and universities, and most major credit cards, and wired funds. TRIPLEBOND is a secure site and all data transmitted is encrypted to protect your credit card information.

For payments via wire transfer, there will be an additional $20 added to the invoice if your order is more than $300 (intermediary bank fee). If your order is less than $300, we add an additional $30 to the invoice ($20 intermediary + $10 local bank fee). The Intermediary Bank Fee is incurred upon transfer of your money into Canada, while the Local Bank fees are the fees that both the customer and TRIPLEBOND are charged, respectively, by our local banks. The intermediary bank in Guelph charges a $20 fee to transfer your money to our bank. Unfortunately, the $20 fee is taken from the money you wire us, which leaves you with an open balance on your invoice. Payments via credit card or check from a checking institution are not subject to these additional charges.

4. Do you ship to countries outside of Canada? 

We ship to all countries. The shipping charges depend on the weight and destination of the shipment.

5. Why are your chemicals so much less expensive than the same chemicals sold by your competitors?


Our size, operations, mission and mentality all contribute to the low prices. TRIPLEBOND is a small company dedicated to providing researchers the high quality chemicals they demand at low prices they desire. Small companies don't require the margins of larger ones, allowing the researcher to pay for a chemical and not a company. We conduct our business online. We feature a streamlined operation with little overhead to lower costs as well. We were founded on providing a low cost alternative in the chemical market; that's what we continue to do. Finally, we provide these chemicals at lower prices to allow researchers to do more, research more and discover more, hopefully making the world a better place.

6. Can I return the product if it doesn’t meet our requirements?

TRIPLEBOND is committed to providing the highest level of quality and service. Any product that does not meet the performance standards indicated in our product literature will be replaced or returned at no charge.

7. What should I do if I can’t find the desired product?

TRIPLEBOND specializes in providing the top research chemical products but if you do not see the product, just contact our chemical specialist. Custom products can be synthesized using methods designed by the custom synthesis team.

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